Whānau Development Social Services

The Hauraki Māori Trust Board Whānau Development Service provides quality social services that contributes to achieving positive outcomes for whānau and our local communities. We work in collaboration with Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki and Te Whariki Manawahine O Hauraki to ensure easy access for whānau to Iwi and kaupapa Māori focused services for whānau. We have a positive and professional working relationship with Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry for Children and other government departments. The Whānau Development Service is an intervention, home based service that supports Hauraki Iwi by empowering and supporting whānau to achieve their health and well-being, education and work goals. 

Whānau Development staff offer:


  • Support whānau to achieve their health and well-being goals
  • Share information with whānau of their rights and entitlements
  • Support whānau by seamless provision and access to the services they need 
  • Client led and outcomes-based support and advocacy

Social Workers In Schools (SWiS)

The Hauraki Māori Trust Board delivers the Social Workers in Schools programme. Our social workers work with primary aged children from years 1-8 (5-13 years). 

The focus is on children and their whānau during the critical primary school years, to positively enhance their health, education and welfare outcomes, in short, better learning opportunities, knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.

As well as targeted 1-1 work with tamariki, SWiS can develop and deliver group programmes to support the coping skills and resilience of tamariki

Family Start

Family Start is a child centred, family focused and strength-based service that supports whānau to make positive parenting choices 

It is a home based service that works with whānau to improve the health, early childhood education and welfare of the child, particularly in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.

Our service celebrates the many successes of our whānau each year and watching our young clients thrive in strong, healthy and loving households and seeing whānau achieve their life goals is our best indicator of success.

Whānau And Rangatahi Support

The Whānau and Rangatahi service supports individuals and or whānau with tamariki and rangatahi in the Hauraki rohe to make informed life choices that will increase their level of participation and success in education, sport, cultural identity, health and social interactions and well-being. The service aims to build the self-confidence and self-esteem of rangatahi to strengthen their networks and deliver individual mentoring.

Care & Permanency / Youth Transition Service

The care service looks after high needs and vulnerable tamariki by placing them with approved caregivers providing 24 hours, 7 days a week care, to meet the needs of these children who are referred to us by Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Children and for whom we have found suitable whānau care givers.

We are also certified to provide full care where a child is placed, by court order, in the custodianship and guardianship of the Chief Executive of the Hauraki Māori Trust Board and we find approved whānau care givers.

New Care standards applied from mid-2019 and we aim to apply more resources into the shared care and full care permanency service and work with Oranga Tamariki across their regions so that we can look after our own tamariki and rangatahi. As in the past we want to work towards successfully moving them into permanent long-term care with their whānau, hapu, Iwi and out of state care, enhancing their health and well-being.

In 2020 we provided a new youth transition service which supports rangatahi to remain or become independent of Oranga Tamariki based care. We provide independent support to rangatahi to help them access the advice and assistance they need on their path to adulthood and long term well-being. This can include preparation for their transition from care or youth justice, proactive contact and support as they establish themselves and assistance to further develop their skills and achieve independence. Typically, this service will support rangatahi aged between 15-20 years.

The Elder Abuse Response Service (EARS)

The EARS service is designed to ensure that kaumātua over 65 years are protected and safe. If abuse is occurring (or suspected), timely interventions will focus upon the immediate and ongoing safety needs of kaumatua.

Our whanau-centred approach acknowledges that abuse seldom occurs in a vacuum and that wrap-around support for all whanau members will ultimately contribute to healthier outcomes.

The EARS service ensures that kaumātua feel connected to their communities and provides advocacy to ensure that their views are considered and that their needs are met.

Community Connector Service

The Community Connector provides connections and direct support to a wider range of individuals and whānau so they can access information and support from government and non-government agencies.

Whānau may need to interact with multiple government agencies and community providers but may not have the knowledge or confidence to do so. As a result they could miss out on entitled support and services (eg Work & Income benefits or grants) and subsequently their health, wellbeing and future could be negatively impacted.

We work independently from government departments in the area of social and welfare needs, youth, education, wellbeing and with our partners link to health and mental health services.

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