Pare Hauraki Fishing Trust

The Pare Hauraki Fishing Trust together with its commercial company Pare Hauraki Asset Holdings Limited and the Hauraki Maori Trust Board consolidated all their fishing and aquaculture assets into a single combined entity known as Pare Hauraki Kaimoana.

The Hauraki Māori Trust Board has a subsidiary called Hauraki Fishing Group whose assets are now managed by Pare Hauraki Kaimoana. The Hauraki Fishing Group, is a Charitable Trust incorporated in New Zealand under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

The Pare Hauraki Fishing Trust has diversified investments in fishing, aquaculture, property and financial sectors.  Full details of the operation and performance of these assets are contained in the latest Annual Reports of the Pare Hauraki Fishing Trust and Pare Hauraki Kaimoana
that can be found here:

41 Belmont Rd

Paeroa, 3600