Manaaki Hub

The Manaaki Hub is a cluster of services that looks after whānau from mokopuna to kaumātua who need

• Awhi Kai (Urgent Kai).

• Getting connected to the services of government departments to obtain the support they need.

• Visiting kaumātua in their homes & connecting them to support services.


In COVID-19 recovery and any resurgence where new Alert Levels are notified or regional lockdowns.

Awhi Kai

(Urgent Kai)

Where a whānau is in need of one-off short term urgent or emergency kai because they are unable to buy food for themselves or their whānau and are referred to the Manaaki Hub, their needs will be assessed and a kai pack provided to meet the need.

Need is assessed through our staff and or within our referral partner network.

A typical kai pack consists of dry goods to support a person for 3 meals per day for seven days. Donated food from our partners is also supplied such as meat, milk or milk powder, canned food or baby food. Nappies supplied if required. Hygiene packs (sanitiser, cleaning products, tissues, wipes etc) may also be provided.

Whānau will be supported to link to Work and Income assistance for ongoing support, if that is required.

The kai packs will be delivered to your home by our own services or our partners. You will get a phone call advising you when the kai pack will be delivered.

Contact Hauraki Maori Trust Board Freephone 0508 468 288 / 07 862 7521

Kaumātua Support and Outreach Service

The Kaumātua Support and Outreach service is home based and focuses on wellbeing health and welfare of our Kaumātua who live on the Coromandel Peninsula and Hauraki Plains.

We assist them to get kai, medicine, disability support, attend medical appointments or other social services, attend hui and remain connected with each other, their whānau and iwi networks.

Community Connector Service

The Community Connector provides connections and direct support to a wider range of individuals and whānau so they can access information and support from government and non-government agencies as part of our response and recovery plan for COVID-19.

As part of getting back into employment or other life activities, some people may need to interact with multiple government agencies and community providers but may not have the knowledge or confidence to do so. As a result they could miss out on entitled support and services (eg Work & Income benefits or grants) and subsequently their health, wellbeing and future could be negatively impacted.

We work independently from government departments in the area of social and welfare needs, youth, education, wellbeing and with our partners link to health and mental health services.

41 Belmont Rd

Paeroa, 3600