Whānau, if you need any support, please get in touch on:

0508 4682 88 and general@hauraki.iwi.nz or find us on facebook

Communication Through Level 1 – 3

  • Regular liaison  with Iwi Chairs (Hauraki, Maniapoto, Raukawa, Waikato) to review and co-ordinate regional initiatives in response and partnering with lead government agencies and local government.
  • Advocated with Prime Minister and government to get flu vaccination to 55+ Iwi members and those with underlying conditions eg. asthma, diabetes and respiratory problems.
  • Promoting Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki flu vaccination programme while in alert level 1-4.
  • Operational local and regional co-ordination at Chief Executive level with government departments, and with Civil Defence Welfare Committee and others as we are an essential service provider.
  • We have held regular zoom meetings with Hauraki Iwi organisations and marae to share information and receive briefings.
  • CEO update on Wednesdays at 7.45am and other days as needed on the Nga Iwi FM breakfast show with Rino & Murdoch.
  • Made our Zoom licence available to Hauraki Iwi organisations and marae for the next 12 months to take immediate effect.
  • Established an information hub for Hauraki Iwi, marae and whānau to access the information they need during Alert Level 1-4.

Iwi & Whānau Support in Level 1 / 2

  • Distributed $100,000 to 77 iwi members studying for tertiary education qualification this year.
  • Open the Manaaki Hub in Paeroa, provide kai packs and kaumātua support services.
  • Mobile clinic set up for COVID-19 Testing and Flu Vaccinations at Kennedy Bay, Coromandel, Manaia, Waihi, Paeroa, Kerepehi, Whitianga and Thames as a collaboration with our partners – WDHB, Hauraki PHO and Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki.
  • Our mahi continues co-ordinating kai packs to over 1,800 Hauraki whanau and iwi members in Coromandel Peninsular-Hauraki Plains as well as some to Auckland.
  • Co-ordinated with Otara CBAC to offer Hauraki Iwi members and Whanau living in South Auckland to be swabbed for COVID-19 test at Otara Market Carpark 7 days a week to 31 July 2020, 8am-4pm, Drive in.
  • Co- ordinated with WDHB to make available priority Flu Vaccinations for Hauraki Iwi members & Whanau, living in Hamilton 22-24 April 2020 at Nawton, Melville & Fairfield.
  • Increased focus on outreach support for Kaumatua and Kuia well-being for those 55+ iwi members residing in the Matamata-Piako, Thames-Coromandel and Hauraki districts.
  • Re-deployed staff and additional staff to support the Hauraki Covid-19 Alert Level 1-4 effort.
  • Contacting education grant recipients to connect them with each other and harness their contributions to fight Covid-19 and contribute to wider Hauraki effort.
  • Connecting Iwi members to support services and Civil Defence responses in Auckland, Hamilton and elsewhere in NZ
  • Co-ordinating supply & delivery of 10,000+ Easter eggs in 2 shipments to iwi members through the food parcels & specific needs of Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki and Hauraki Māori Womans Refuge.
  • Service level collaboration with Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki, Te Whariki Manawahine o Hauraki, Hauraki PHO, National Hauora Coalition and Hauraki Maori Wardens.

Doing more at Alert Level 1 – 4

  • Held zoom meetings with Marae & Iwi organisations including updates from services and others.
  • Working with Nga Iwi FM to record messages from Pare Hauraki leaders to post to information hub and social media.
  • We are also making phone calls, sending emails and texts to check in with you to see if you’re ok.
  • Our whānau development services are operating as usual.
  • Reopening our marae grant programme to support ongoing needs of the Hauraki marae into the recovery-period. Marae grant applications close 31 August 2020.

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